Genomics for GPs

Primary Care – Genomics for GPs is a collaborative initiative between Queensland Genomics and CheckUP Australia. The initiative aims to develop workforce competency of Queensland’s general practitioners in genomic medicine, to prepare for the state-wide integration of genomic treatment in primary care.   

Queensland Genomics is a $25 million Queensland Government’s Advance Queensland initiative working towards accelerating the adoption of genomic medicine into everyday healthcare for the benefit of Queensland’s population. The project spans three phases over five years, from 2016-2021.  

The broad project is a state-wide approach in implementation. The project engages hospitals, universities, research institutes, health networks, community organisations, and testing laboratories, in working towards a shared goal of building workforce capability, general awareness, increased access to genomic treatment, and developing health system infrastructure to accommodate genomic treatment in Queensland’s general practice.  

CheckUP is being funded by Queensland Genomics to coordinate and conduct training and education workshops in genomics for the General Practitioner workforce in Queensland. The training modules are currently being developed by clinical geneticists from Genetic Health Queensland (GHQ), and will be accredited by the RACGP. Six training sessions will be conducted across selected PHNs in Queensland, with more sessions being considered for the future. These sessions are expected to commence in the first quarter of 2020.  


  • Webinar series - recordings

    Webinar series - recordings

    Recordings for Webinar 1 (Paediatric and Prenatal Genetics) and Webinar 2 (Genetic Conditions in Adults) can be found below: Webinar 1 - Paediatric and Prenatal Genetics Webinar 2 - Genetic Conditions in Adults Webinar 3 - Cancer Genomics

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