Check UP is focused on the needs of the primary health care and community services sectors.  Our longstanding philosophy that ‘together we can build a better health system’ underpins all of the organisation’s endeavours.  CheckUP has a thorough understanding of the primary health care sector and its role as the foundation of the health care sector and system.

The aim of the Outreach Programs are to support increased access to medical specialist, general practitioner and allied health professional services for people living in urban, regional, rural and remote locations across Queensland, including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Since the Outreach Programs inception, Telehealth has been identified as appropriate technology to support increased access to the Outreach program’s services. 

Telehealth has the potential to enable better access to health care in Queensland and is defined as the delivery of health services using video telecommunication technology.  Significant statewide and commonwealth investment has been made into Telehealth infrastructure and workforce to support its uptake. However, the full potential and alignment of Telehealth with outreach investment is still to be realised.

Telehealth Resources