Outreach Patient Information

About the Outreach health service program

The Outreach Program provides a travel subsidy to health professionals to visit communities across every corner of Queensland.  In 2015 there were over 120,000 face-to-face consultations in over 150 different locations. 

Health services vary between clinics and are planned in partnership with local General Practices, Primary Health Care Clinics and regionally based Coordinators.  There are five key programs that operate under Outreach, each having clear priorities towards improving health.  Referral to Outreach health providers is coordinated by your GP and General Practice.  However the main difference is that the Outreach health professional will visit your community on planned dates, saving you time and travel away from your family, community and/or work. 

This locally focused model of health service planning has helped significantly with improving health for all Queenslanders and supports people living in metropolitan, rural, remote, regional and isolated communities in having access to needed health care. 

"Having my health care delivered close to home saves me many hours on the road, and it means less time away from my workplace and my wife and kids" Outreach Patient 2015.


For more information about the types of health services that can be provided under each program, read more about the Outreach programs and other useful information below: