The CheckUP Outreach Forum 2019

Understand clinical governance and how it improves efficiency and practice, prevents incidents, manages risk, enables accreditation and shares accountability for good practice across all levels of staff.

As primary health care enhance their services offerings to communities, the need to show accreditation or benchmarking against national standards is increasing. Continuous quality improvement with the goal of becoming a high performing primary health care provider involves ongoing learning for both management and staff. CheckUP invites you to participate in a one-day CheckUP Outreach Service Provider Forum focusing on building organisational quality improvement and safety, and enhancing healthcare for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Improving the quality of services will not only improve patient safety and engagement, but reduce risk, and improve your organisation’s profile and reputation.

In light of new initiatives introduced in 2019 such as Queensland’s disability service providers transition to national quality and safeguarding arrangements, and the second edition of the NSQHS Standards, CheckUP are bringing together a broad range of speakers and experts to answer your QI and Clinical Governance questions. This full day forum is designed to be interactive, informative and practical to build your knowledge and understanding.

Other sessions will include best practice case studies and examples of how Outreach Providers are improving quality and meeting legal requirements, online quality system solutions, and showcased resources available to support providers with how they can improve and demonstrate compliance against industry benchmarks, health and safety standards.

A complete forum program will be released soon.