Accessibility Podcasts

A podcast hosted by Dylan Alcott (Gold medal winning Australian wheelchair basketballer and tennis player, and 2022 Australian of the year) and Angus O’Loughlin (radio host).  Their show ‘ListenABLE’ aims to challenge the listener’s thoughts on disability by discussing topics which are usually off-limits.  Join them, and their special guests as they make you laugh and maybe even cry.

Inform Podcast 
Inform is a national information hub for people with disability. Their podcast comes out monthly and is a conversation for people with disability, about people with disability. It covers some fascinating topics; starting your own business, supported decision making, navigating the NDIS, finding a job. They speak to lots of inspiring people in the community who are living with disability. 

Disability Done Different  
Father and daughter team Roland and Evie Naufal have candid conversations with people who’ve carved their own path in the disability sector. They want to challenge the traditional ways of doing things. Their podcast is full of relaxed conversations with fascinating people. It’s also peppered with some good-natured bickering between the co-hosts.

Reasonable and Necessary: Making Sense of the NDIS 
Dr George Taleporos hosts this podcast which is all about navigating the NDIS. He looks at topics like what to do if you’re not happy with your NDIS plan, how to achieve great outcomes with the NDIS and how the NDIS can do better. 

One in Five 
The Melbourne Disability Institute produces the ‘One in Five’ podcast. They explore some of the complex issues facing people with disability such as employment, housing, supporting families and the law. They speak to a range of experts who work in the space and many people with disability. With one in five people living with disability, they aim to talk about ways everyone can improve the lives of people with disability.

Australasian Society for Intellectual Disability Podcast: Research to practice 
Australasian’s peak body in intellectual disability aims to promote research to inform and influence good practise and policy for people with intellectual disabilities. In their podcast episodes, they speak to researchers about topics as diverse as living in group homes, LBGTQIA+ adults who have intellectual disabilities, political citizenship, good health and more.