The 2019 CheckUP Forum, on Friday 13 September, will focus on Quality Improvement and Safety – Patients, Processes and Providers. Our theme reflects Building Organisational Quality Improvement and Safety, enhancing healthcare for everyone. Improving the quality of services will not only improve patient safety and engagement, but reduce risk, and improve your organisation’s profile and reputation.

CheckUP is inviting individuals and organisations to showcase how their work is adding value with a focus on the following sub-themes.

Clinical Governance
Consumer and Patient
Workforce and Staff
Clinical Effectiveness, Safety and Risk Management

- Clinical governance for outreach providers

- Examples of benefits and outcomes from good clinical governance for organisations, staff and patients

- Clinical governance policy, procedure and frameworks

- Developing organisational leadership for a safe and quality improvement culture

- Quality improvement

- Person centred care

- Co-design and participation opportunities

- Health literacy

- Patient feedback, and feedback systems

- Improving the patient experience

- Security and privacy

- Informed consent

- Increased Access

- Patient engagement

- Getting the working environment right

- Organisational culture and training regarding quality and safety

- Safety, retention, engagement, mentoring and supervision for rural and remote workforce

- Strategies to improve cultural awareness and competency of the workforce

- Scope of clinical practice

- Staff clinical improvement activities

- Best practice guidelines and informed practice

- Referral pathways

- Information and communications systems and processes

- IT system solutions

- Risk Management - Why it’s the most powerful tool in patient safety

- The role of performance indicators in measuring patient outcomes

- Auditing

- Service Improvements

Have you implemented a project or initiative that successfully improved patient experience, the quality or safety of services?

Each concurrent session will consist of four 20 minute presentations. Speakers will have 10 minutes question and answer time following their presentation.

Your presentation will provide an overview of your model/approach, highlight key successes and/or challenges, and summarise your contribution to creating healthier communities.

If you are interested in showcasing your work, please return this completed form to Kat Murray via email kmurray@checkup.org.au by Friday 5 July 2019.

Once accepted, presenters will be required to have their registration fees paid in full by 31 July 2018. Early bird discounts will apply.




Brief and catchy, for example, Risk Management - Why it's the most powerful tool in patient safety.
Clinical Governance
Consumer and Patient
Workforce and Staff
Clinical Effectiveness, Safety and Risk Management
Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander peoples
Culturally and linguistically diverse populations
Rural and remote populations
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