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  • Annual membership fees

    CheckUP membership is based on the number of full time equivalent (FTE) staff employees within the organisation.
    Join between January and June 2018 and get CheckUP Membership until June 2019.

    No. of FTEs

    Annual Price

    0-2 FTE


    3-10 FTE


    11-50 FTE


    51-100 FTE


    101+ FTE


    Supplier (0-2 FTE)


    Supplier (3-10 FTE)


    Supplier (11+ FTE)


    The Non-Supplier price categories above are for not-for-profit organisations and are on a sliding scale based on number of FTE employed within the organisation.

    Supplier organisations provide consultancy and/or corporate services (for profit) to the Primary Health Care and not-for-profit sector.


    Please note:
    • Australian prices above include GST
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