CheckUP Health Leaders' Forum (28 August 2015)

The Health Leaders' Forum, facilitated by Dr Norman Swan, brought together health leaders to discuss the important issues in health.

This years theme was Advancing primary health care: Working together to make it happen! 

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The Health Leaders' Forum focused on the formation of the new PHNs and explored how the health and community services sectors can work collaboratively to ensure better patient health outcomes.

Framing the challenge: 
Delegates heard first-hand from five keynotes about service integration, system cohesion, collaboration, and change management.

Working together to make it happen:
The Panel Discussion highlighted how we can work together to ensure PHNs make a difference - emphasising patient-centred care is a pertinent element to service design and delivery to improving health outcomes.

Meeting the challenge:
Delegates learned new ideas and skills through the Master Class delivered by EY's Stephen McKernan and Alex Martin, which explored existing international models of commissioning and procurement.  Community engagement and Clinical councils being developed by PHN's were also explored through an interactive pane discussion facilitated by Australian Healthcare and Hospital Associations' CEO Alison Verhoeven.

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Keynote Presenters: