Regional Approach to Program Implementation

CheckUP has adopted a regional structure and approach to support the most efficient and effective delivery of services under the Outreach programs in Queensland.

Working collaboratively with, and receiving consistent feedback from stakeholders, key partners, and providers combined with a number of state and national reviews were the main reasons for the implementation of this regional structure and approach.

Prioritised regional needs for Outreach services 2022/23

Throughout the 2021-2022 service delivery period, Regional Coordinators have worked in partnership with a broad range of stakeholders to identify and prioritise health service needs in their respective regions across the state. These service needs have been used to form a regionally endorsed list of proposed Outreach services. To read a summary of regional priorities and Outreach strategies for 2022/23, please download the report Prioritised regional needs for Outreach services 2022/23.

Regional Coordinators

To drive the establishment of the regional structure, five Regional Coordinator positions have been funded.

The role/s of the Regional Coordinators are, but are not limited to:

  1. Identify regional health needs and priorities.
  2. Work with regional stakeholders to plan appropriate services that align with identified regional needs and health priorities.
  3. Work with regional stakeholders to determine appropriate service delivery models and providers.
  4. Conduct ongoing review of outreach funded services to ensure effectiveness, efficiency, and appropriateness.

For a list of Regional Coordinator contact details please click here.

CheckUP's outreach regions

Please click here for a map outlining the Outreach Regions.