Sight-saving Surgery in South West

Sight Saving Surgery in South West Queensland a Huge Success.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have had sight-saving cataract surgery at Roma Hospital through a large collaboration of health services in South-West Queensland.

During two days of operations in early-February, 35 patients from South-West Queensland had surgery in an exercise made possible by a one-off grant from the Australian Government to CheckUP for eye and ear surgery for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Queensland.

Up to 25 more patients are expected to undergo surgery on the final day of surgery in Roma on 4 March before CheckUP moves to other parts of rural and remote Queensland to coordinate more surgeries.

CheckUP would like to pay special thanks to the South West Health and Hospital Service Executive and surgeon, Dr Steve Rodwell for their role in facilitating the surgery at Roma.  Thanks also to the IDEAS Van and Dr Rowan Porter, who provided services from the van and prioritised patients for surgery.

For further information about the Eye Surgery initiative please contact the Outreach Team on 07 3105 8300 or Contact Us