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General Practice Network
Aged Care
Health and Community Service
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Annual Membership Fees (Join between July and December 2017 and get a 25% discount on your annual fee)

0-2 FTE: Discounted price $179 (usually $239)
3-10 FTE: Discounted price $449 (usually $599)
11-50 FTE: Discounted price $749 (usually $999)
51-100 FTE: Discounted price $1124 (usually $1,499)
101+ FTE: Discounted price$1499 (usually $1,999)
Supplier (0-2 FTE): Discounted price $224 (usually $299)
Supplier (3-10): Discounted price $749 (usually $999)
Supplier (11+): Discounted price$1499 (usually $1,999)
The price categories are for not-for-profit organisations and are on a sliding scale based on number of FTE employed within the organisation.

Supplier organisations provide consultancy and/or corporate services (for profit) to the Primary Health Care and not-for-profit sector.

For organisations joining during February to June 2017, the Member Price will cover membership through to 30 June 2018.
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