Tucka-Time: Vincent State School graduate final round


Tucka-Time: Vincent State School graduate final round

Vincent State School students in Townsville graduated from their final Tucka-Time program last term, celebrating the conclusion of their third round of the nutrition and healthy lifestyle program which has been running at the school over the past two years. 

Each 10 week Tucka-Time program has provided students with an opportunity to learn about nutrition and healthy food choices, whilst also engaging in practical hands-on experiences like cooking classes and a tour of their local Woolworths supermarket, which partly sponsors the program. Dietitian, Jaymee-Leigh Swift, and psychologist, Clinton Schultz of Marumali Consultations have also visited students to talk about nutrition and social and emotional wellbeing. 

Developed by the Centre for Rural & Regional Indigenous Health, Tucka-Time has been delivered into Vincent State School by trained health workers from the Townsville Aboriginal and Islanders Health Service (TAIHS), who act as Local Facilitators of the program. 

The Principal of Vincent State School, Bronwyn Espig, has been delighted with the impact of the program upon students.  “Tucka-Time teaches students the basics about nutrition and on a practical level how to prepare and cook simple and healthy meals they can make at home with their families.  They now have these skills for life.”  

Parents have also been very impressed, noting that their children talk about what they have learnt and are now keen to help prepare and cook meals at home.  One mother shared that her daughter "has become more aware of the types of food being chosen when we go shopping and she often wants to help me make dinner.”