Service Integration and Referral Mapping Report

Creating better service linkages

Many Queenslanders who experience mental health problems including alcohol and other drug issues have multiple needs. Some people access multiple services, for example health, housing, education, domestic and family violence support agencies. Navigating these different services can present a significant challenge for people experiencing multiple needs.

The Queensland Mental Health Commission engaged CheckUP to conduct a service integration and referral mapping analysis for mental health and alcohol and other drugs in the North West, Central West and South West Hospital and Health Service regions.

The report outlines perceptions of the levels of integration and referrals between a wide range of services that support people living with mental health problems, mental illness, problematic alcohol and other drug use, and those who have been impacted by or at risk of suicide.

Based on the views of front line service providers it also outlines what supports integration and effective referrals between services, and those factors that act as barriers.

The report provides an important evidence base to inform the Commission’s work and help inform local actions and efforts to improve the provision of holistic services to people living in the three regions. The findings will also inform implementation of the Queensland Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Strategic Plan 2014–2019.

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