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Research shows that every second person knows someone with a hearing loss, yet it can take up to 10 years for many of us to actually do something about it. From dialling into a Zoom call, to celebrating special occasions with friends or family, to watching TV of an evening, keeping your hearing in check impacts every area of life. 

The reality is hearing loss can happen at any age and often declines without you noticing it. March 1 – 7 marks Hearing Awareness Week 2021, and Queensland not-for-profit Hear and Say is encouraging everyone to put a regular hearing test on their to-do list. 

If you or a loved one is experiencing any of the signs of hearing loss below, give them a little nudge to get their hearing tested:

  • You often ask people to repeat what they have said or respond with ‘what?’ or ‘huh?’ when someone asks you a question
  • You experience tinnitus – an intermittent or continuous noise in the ears or head – buzzing, ringing, hissing
  • You find it hard to hear on the phone
  • You need to turn the volume up on the TV, radio or iPad
  • You’re sometimes unsure of where sounds are coming from
  • It’s hard to hear in noisy places like a café or at a football game
  • You might get tired and fatigued from concentrating more than usual during conversations or at events

Book your hearing test at or phone 07 3850 2111.