Outreach services helping meet health needs in Northern Peninsula Area

Many communities in rural and remote Queensland, like those within the Northern Peninsula Area (NPA), don’t have easy access to health services. 

By increasing communities’ access to medical specialist, GP, and allied health services, through the coordination of Outreach health services, CheckUP aims to reduce patients’ need to travel long distances to attend a consultation or receive treatment.

CheckUP and Northern Peninsula Area Family and Community Services have been working closely to ensure community needs are met, with a range of Outreach service providers visiting the area, including most recently, a podiatrist, physiotherapist, and exercise physiologist.

NPA Family and Community Services Program Manager for Clinical Health Services Karyn Sam said these additional allied health services have provided accessible and quality of care to the people of NPA.

“Diabetics have been able to access an annual diabetic foot check, which is in line with evidence-based practice,” she said.

“This has been reassuring to the clients and the service; knowing that we are delivering holistic care approach is fantastic.”

Ms Sam said they had received a range of positive feedback from clients about the visiting service providers, with comments including, “we don’t have to be on a waiting list” and “our needs are attended to sooner rather than later”.

“NPAFACS considers this feedback as excellent, as it is our priority to ensure that health needs are addressed effectively and in a timely manner,” she said.

“Thank you CheckUP for the funding allocation to provide relevant services to the NPA.”

The Outreach program is made possible through funding from the Australian Department of Health.