My See Clearer packs - a hit in far north Queensland

My See Clearer packs – a hit in far north Queensland



In late 2019, CheckUP received funding from the Arrow Energy Brighter Futures program to develop My See Clearer packs for adults in rural and remote communities undergoing cataract surgery. Last week with elective surgery starting up again in Queensland following a COVID-19 induced shutdown, we launched the program and the first 14 patients from Cairns and surrounds received life changing cataract surgery and their My See Clearer packs.
This funding has enabled us to produce 500 packs which come in a special branded calico bag and include important resources on what to expect during cataract surgery and post-operative care, sunglasses, water bottle, a keep cup, tissues, coffee and hot chocolate sachets, biscuits, wet wipes, dental travel pack, stress ball, and moisturiser.
In true partnership style, some of these items were kindly donated from the Fred Hollows Foundation.
One of the many grateful patients, Robbie, said he is most looking forward to going for a drive and painting again, “I couldn’t see out of my eye at all before and now I can see a bit blurry, and soon I will be able to see out of it. I used to paint a lot but I had to stop. I used to paint turtle shells. I used to do it just for myself but then I started to sell them at Mareeba markets to all the tourists. And now I will be able to paint again and take the shells back to the markets.”
A big thanks to our provider - Dr O’Hagan from Cairns Eye and Laser Clinic, our facility - Far North Day Hospital and our wonderful patients who are all delighted about their new-found vision. This surgery was made possible with funding from the Australian Government Eye and Ear Surgical Support Services Program, coordinated by CheckUP. My See Clearer packs will continue to be provided to CheckUP patients undergoing cataract surgery.