Choose Your Own Health Career



Funded by the Queensland Department of Health, the Health Education to Employment Pathways (HEEP) Project also known as Choose Your Own Health Career (CYO) is an interactive website highlighting vocational health career pathways for students and school leavers.  

About the Program

Aimed at students, career counsellors and parents, the website illustrates a range of opportunities at different touchpoints from entry level health care roles to more senior positions. Following consultation with various clinical and industry stakeholders, health care jobs which are currently experiencing growth or shortages as well as those projected to be in demand were identified and career pathways and job outcomes mapped for those roles.  

The website also includes a number of case studies, where those who have commenced their health careers via a vocational education pathway share their experiences.  Illustrations of patient journeys also demonstrate some of the different roles involved in a patient’s care. Additional information in the form of statistics, infographics and links to resources are also provided.


The purpose of the HEEP framework is to illustrate the diversity of health career opportunities ranging from entry level to more senior health positions.  The intent is to provide guidance for students that may be considering a career in health, but are not sure where to start or whether they have the right skills, capabilities and qualifications.


The HEEP project was governed by two groups – a Steering Committee, which will provide strategic oversight and input at key stages of the project – and a Reference Group, which guided the priority focus pathways and provide access to case studies and other industry resources.

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