About the Program

The Be Well Learn Well program (BWLW) is a Department of Education program. CheckUP, in partnership with Gidgee Healing and the Apunipima Cape York Health Council, leads a strong, effective consortium to deliver targeted allied health services to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student developmental needs in remote state schools across Queensland.

The integration of early intervention and health promoting methodologies in the school setting is central to the BWLW program, which brings together the education and health workforce in remote Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The delivery of the program in a school setting, as opposed to a clinical setting and is central to the program’s implementation. The program allows for an integrated workforce of education and health professionals to respond holistically and timely to the risk factors influencing child development and schooling outcomes. The services incorporate input from principals, teachers, guidance officers, the student’s family and the wider community in the process of improving the learning outcomes for the student.

The aim of the Be Well Learn Well program is to identify and address behavioural and learning issues to improve educational outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, from pre-prep to year 12, in remote state schools.

The BWLW program supports Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander student developmental needs through the delivery of targeted Speech Pathology, Occupational Therapy, Psychology and Clinical Psychology services to identify and address behavioural and learning issues.
The objectives of BWLW include:

  1. conducting classroom and individual student developmental needs assessments and targeted therapy where needed;
  2. conducting home visits and introducing conversations in the home and community around comprehensive care and specific intervention strategies; and
  3. strengthening knowledge and capacity of school staff through training in identifying learning difficulties and utilising evidence-base strategies in the classroom environment.

Service Delivery Model
The BWLW services will be delivered inline with the service delivery model outlined below.


BWLW Partners
Gidgee and Apunipima, in their dual role as consortium partners and subcontractors, are also recognised as experienced Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (ACCHO) primary health care service providers, ensuring the BWLW services and referral pathways are seamlessly integrated at both the regional and local level.