About the Project

The Allied Health in Remote Schools Project (AHRSP) is funded as part of the Australian Government's Plan to Improve Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People with Disability, which was developed to facilitate better access to culturally appropriate mainstream service for Indigenous people living with a disability.

The AHRSP is funded by the Australian Government. The Australian Government has provided funding to CheckUP to manage the AHRSP for the life of the project. The AHRSP will involve the provision of allied health services to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with a disability in remote schools.

The aim of the project is to improve school attendance and engagement for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students with disability, developmental or learning difficulties in remote communities.

The objectives of the AHRSP are:

  • To deliver psychology, clinical psychology, occupational therapy, speech therapy and audiology services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in the school/home/community environment.
  • To enable the parent/guardian/family and the community to support and have a shared understanding of the therapy interventions to ensure best practice outcomes for the children.
  • To strengthen the knowledge and build the capacity of school staff (including teachers, support staff and Remote Schools Attendance Strategy (RSAS) workers) to identify and address learning and development difficulties.

Project eligibility
To received services and/or support under the AHRSP:
A child must:

  • be an Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander student;
  • be an enrolled student, between prep to grade 6 at a participating AHRSP school;
  • have signed consent form.

A parent, guardian and/or family member must:

  • be a parent, guardian and/or family member of an eligible student.

A school staff member must:

  • be a staff member at a participating AHRSP school.

Service providers
The following service providers will provide services under the AHRSP:

  • Psychology
  • Clinical psychology
  • Occupational therapy
  • Speech therapy
  • Audiology

Service delivery will commence in the following communities:

  • Papunya 
  • Yuendumu