Our purpose

Our vision

Better Health for people and communities that need it most


Our purpose

Create healthier communities and reduce health inequities


Our values


We are proactive in building long term, mutual and respectful partnerships with external organisations.


We are solutions focussed and results driven to meet the needs of our customers.


We are forward thinking; we embrace change and seize opportunity.


We are transparent and honest in our actions and invest in socially responsible solutions.



Build connections and networks to stimulate collaborative approaches and shared learnings and knowledge

By connecting a diverse range of like-minded member and stakeholder organisations, CheckUP actively fosters healthcare solutions and innovation. Through our collaborative networks and forums, CheckUP supports communities, service providers and organisations to interact in new ways that bridge diverse cultures. Our events provide the supporting framework that enables the right people to connect at the right time and to develop innovative health care solutions.

We are focussed on:

  •  Growing and retaining an engaged membership base
  •  Establishing valued networks and connections across communities, organisations and professions
  •  Showcasing and supporting innovation and solutions that are making a difference
Build a comprehensive picture of needs, gaps and barriers to inform planning and priority setting

We work in partnership with key service providers and community groups to better understand the needs of their communities so that we can ensure services are planned and delivered to those who need them most. Our regional governance model, comprising regionally based coordinators and regional planning committees ensures that services are driven from the bottom up and aligned to areas of highest need. This regional approach facilitates the identification of local solutions to suit local problems.

We are focussed on:

  •  Maintaining and expanding a regional model that enables local engagement and consultation
  •  Targeting hard-to-reach and vulnerable populations to ensure they are appropriately consulted and their needs are identified
  •  Forming partnerships and collaborations that support local consultation and data collection
  •  Developing and maintaining internal infrastructure, systems and processes to support joint planning and commissioning
Work in partnership with others to design and deliver quality healthcare services tailored to local needs

Traditional service models of health care delivery are not always appropriate to the needs of local communities, particularly vulnerable populations and communities. We will work closely with partners to co-design healthcare services that are tailored to needs and developed in consultation with local communities.

We will do this by:

  •  Identifying appropriate partners and respective roles
  •  Supporting innovative and integrated approaches
  •  Continuously improving services
  •  Ensuring services continue to target vulnerable populations and communities as a priority
  •  Engaging across professions, disciplines and sectors to develop and maintain an appropriately skilled and qualified workforce
Measure and share the outcomes we are achieving with people and communities

In a resource-constrained environment, it is critical to ensure that our human and financial resources are being appropriately harnessed in order to deliver social and health outcomes. A first step in this journey is the measurement of what matters. We must also be transparent in evaluating and reporting on where we are succeeding and where we are not, and using these learnings to drive improvement.

We will do this by:

  •  Enhancing internal systems to support effective measurement and transparent reporting of outcomes achieved
  •  Developing key partnerships with researchers and other analysts to build our capability in measurement and reporting
  •  Describing how we are making a difference for individuals and communities

In developing our goals and strategies, three important themes have been identified that will make a difference to both what we do and how we work:

  • Building the profile of CheckUP
  • Having a measurable social impact
  • Contributing to the financial sustainability of CheckUP

These themes will be visible in our work both externally and internally.