Business Leads, Coordinators & Officers

  • Adriana Fabrizio

    Adriana Fabrizio

    Business Coordinator
    (Currently on maternity leave)
    P: 07 3105 8328
    E:  Contact Us

    Adriana is a member of CheckUP’s Outreach team. She coordinates the compiling of health provider contracts for our range of outreach programs.

    In her spare time, Adriana enjoys hanging out with her friends while indulging in a cheese platter and a sneaky glass of wine.

  • Aidan Hobbs

    Aidan Hobbs

    Business Lead
    P: 07 3105 8334
    E: Contact Us

    Aidan is the Business Lead for the Australian Government Department of Health funded Outreach programs at CheckUP. Aidan has a clinical outreach background in podiatry and holds an MBA (Health Management) with Dean’s Honours from the University of Tasmania. Aidan is a Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Service Management and is a Certified Health Informatician Australasia (CHIA).
    In his spare time Aidan is an avid distance runner and is a two time Queensland state open title holder in the 10,000m.



  • Alison Berigan

    Alison Berigan

    Senior Project Officer - Access for All
    P: 0428 449 270
    E:  Contact Us

    Alison is delighted to be back at CheckUP after working for them in the early years of Queensland Divisions of General Practice. She is an experienced program and project manager, having worked in primary care and tertiary health roles for the past 21 years. Alison is the Senior Project Officer on the Access for All project that will deliver online training to heatlh providers regarding barriers to accessing mainstream health care for people with disabilities.

    In her spare time, Alison enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter, catching up with friends and expanding her knowledge on all things related to gin.

  • Cassandra French

    Cassandra French

    Regional Coordinator – Central & Central West
    P: 07 3105 8301
    E: Contact Us

    Cassandra (Cassie) is CheckUP's regional coordinator for the Central and Central West region, and is based in our Brisbane office. She has a background in nutrition, media and communications, and health promotion. Cassie is passionate about preventative health and early intervention, and loves being involved in work that helps to increase access to health services and creates sustainable outcomes. She grew up in regional areas of the Northern Territory, so is a country girl at heart, and has spent a number of years working in the primary health and not-for-profit sector across Queensland. 

    In Cassie’s spare time you will find her spending time with her family, friends and her two (energetic) dogs. She also enjoys cycling when she gets the chance, good food, and travelling to new places. 

  • David Millichap

    David Millichap

    Business Lead
    P: 07 3105 8323
    E:  Contact Us

    David Millichap leads the Engagement and Workforce teams at CheckUP, which includes the coordination of CheckUP's events, training, membership and networks. David is an experienced manager and hold a Masters (Health Science) from the Queensland University of Technology.  

    David likes travelling to exotic locations, particularly South America, and is keen to see more of the world.

  • Desiré Swanepoel

    Desiré Swanepoel

    Office Manager
    P: 07 3105 8325
    E:  Contact Us

    Desiré brings a strong background in Office and Administration Management as well as Executive Support to CheckUP.  Desiré is the Office Manager and Executive Support for the Executive team at CheckUP.

    Together with her Corporate Services Support Team, she ensures the smooth running of the office and is the first point of contact for all employees, providing exceptional office and administrative support to all staff and other business partners of CheckUP.
    In her spare time, Desiré enjoys the great outdoors, cooking and baking and always have time for some sort of arts & crafts! 

  • Edie Stevens

    Edie Stevens

    Business Coordinator
    E:  Contact Us

    Edie works in the Townsville office within the health promotion team. After completing her Masters of Public Health, she spent a number of years working with remote Indigenous communities throughout the Northern Territory before moving to Townsville. She is now working on a project to reduce health inequities in rural and remote populations in Queensland by improving uptake of lifestyle modification programs. 
    In her spare time, you will find her trail running across the world, or locally on castle hill with her dog.

  • Elise Gorman

    Elise Gorman

    Business Lead
    P: 07 3105 8329
    E: Contact Us

    Elise is responsible for delivering the Be Well Learn Well program into eight Queensland state schools. Elise holds a Bachelor Health Science (Public Health and Health Services Management). In 2020, Elise celebrated 12 years of service with CheckUP.

    Elise enjoys spending time with friends and family and travelling. She has a passion for cruises.

  • Fran Keeble-Buckle

    Fran Keeble-Buckle

    Clinical Lead - Outreach
    P: 0488 048 453
    E: Contact Us

    Fran is CheckUP’s Clinical Lead for North Queensland and Clinical Governance and has over 20 years health care experience across the primary and tertiary sectors. She is currently an Associate Fellow of the Australasian College of Health Service Management.

    Fran is passionate about Indigenous health, rural and remote health, health promotion and allied health.


  • Gayle Stallard

    Gayle Stallard

    Senior Business Coordinator
    P: 07 3105 8312
    E: Contact Us

    Gayle is a member of CheckUP’s Outreach team and is responsible for reporting requirements and liaising on same to our funding providers. She also supports the Regional Coordinators with new service proposals. Gayle previously worked at Health Workforce Queensland and has an interest in rural and remote workforce health issues. Gayle has a Diploma of Management from the AHRI.

    Gayle has a keen interest in current affairs and enjoys walking her new rescue dog Gus. Now that her daughters are older, she is looking forward to playing golf again. Look out for her on the green, we reckon she would have a mighty swing!

  • Glenda Krause

    Glenda Krause

    Senior Business Coordinator
    P: 07 3105 8305
    E:  Contact Us

    Glenda provides administration, business and financial support for CheckUP and is responsible for the coordination, administration and processing of payroll and accounting. Glenda also provides financial management and database reporting for CheckUP’s Outreach team. Prior to joining CheckUP, Glenda worked at the Division of North and West Queensland Primary Health Care in Townsville. Glenda has many years’ experience within public and private sector industry in financial administration roles.

    Glenda loves music, singing, gardening and is a self-confessed pot plant addict. She once crawled to the Kings Chamber in the Great Pyramid of Giza on a trip to Egypt

  • Jacqui Hawgood

    Jacqui Hawgood

    Senior Business Coordinator
    P: 07 3105 8333
    E:  Contact Us

    Jacqui works in the Outreach team and manages the Eye and Ear Surgical Support Services program across Queensland. Jacqui has a background in Exercise Physiology, and the management of a variety of programs in the primary healthcare and disability sectors.

    In her spare time, Jacqui enjoys being physically active, spending time at the beach, and travelling as much as possible.

  • Jenny Ludgater

    Jenny Ludgater

    Business Coordinator
    P: 07 3105 8352
    E:  Contact Us

    Jenny is part of CheckUP’s Finance team. Her role includes processing CheckUP’s many invoices, particularly to health providers delivering outreach services on behalf of CheckUP. Jenny previously worked in finance and administration at Ipswich & West Moreton Division of General Practice and Wesley Mission Ipswich.
    Jenny likes to escape with her husband in their caravan whenever possible.

  • Kat Murray

    Kat Murray

    Business Coordinator
    P: 07 3105 8335
    E:  Contact Us

    Kat is responsible for the coordination of CheckUP’s communication activities. Areas of responsibility include the website, eNewsletters, the CheckUP Impact Magazine and training. She is also the lead designer of this year's Queensland Mental Health Week campaign.

    Outside of work Kat enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends. She also loves all kinds of music, making jewellery, F45, Pinterest, watching a good drama or reality tv and travelling.

  • Kym Winn

    Kym Winn

    Business Officer
    P: 07 3105 8315
    E: Contact Us

    Kym is part of CheckUP’s Business and Finance team. She is the first point of contact for all employees, providing administrative support and managing their queries and ensuring things run smoothly behind the scenes.

    In her spare time, Kym enjoys spending time with her family and friends, spending time at the beach, travelling and planning her next holiday to Thailand.

  • Lisa Maynard

    Lisa Maynard

    Business Coordinator 
    P: 07 3105 8300
    E: Contact Us

    Lisa is a communications specialist with a background spanning PR, marketing and events. She is a member of our Engagement team and supports the coordination of Queensland Mental Health Week, in addition to a range of communication projects.

    Lisa enjoys spending her spare time hanging out with family and friends, getting into nature and reading historical fiction over a cup of coffee.

  • Martina Dorahy

    Martina Dorahy

    Business Coordinator
    P: 07 3105 8300
    E: Contact Us

    Martina brings a strong background in quality management and accreditation to a dual role at CheckUP, acting as the organisation's quality officer and providing support to the Engagement team.

    In her spare time Martina enjoys reading and spending time with her family.

  • Mary-Anne Quilter

    Mary-Anne Quilter

    Senior Business Coordinator 
    P: 07 3105 8330
    E:  Contact Us

    Mary-Anne has recently changed roles and is now responsible for the implementation of the Gateway to Industry Schools Program (GISP) – Health. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (Social Sciences) and post-graduate qualifications in Project Management. Mary-Anne has previously worked in the community and local government sectors in rural and regional Queensland and New South Wales.

    Mary-Anne loves travelling with her family and escaping on camping trips to the bush. She is also very fond of good wine, Vietnamese food and a gritty BBC crime drama.

  • Sabrina Kerr

    Sabrina Kerr

    Business Coordinator

    P: 07 3105 8306
    E:  Contact Us

    Sabrina is an experienced trainer and assessor and a member of our Engagement team. She has an extensive background in disease prevention and health promotion.

    Sabrina is a former professional boxer who loves keeping fit and spending time with her young son.

  • Sabrina Luton

    Sabrina Luton

    Business Coordinator
    P: 07 3105 8322
    E:  Contact Us

    Sabrina is a member of the Outreach team at CheckUP. She holds a double degree in Public Health and Media and Communications. In her role at CheckUP she coordinates the contracting of the providers for our Outreach programs, and provides state-level support in service planning, data analysis and program reporting.

    In her spare time Sabrina enjoys going for a walk while listening to a good podcast.

  • Sam Weling

    Sam Weling

    Business Coordinator
    P: 07 3105 8311
    E:  Contact Us

    Sam works within the Engagement team at CheckUP. He first started as an intern from Griffith University, where he completed a Master’s degree in Health Services Management. He now works on the planning and implementation of projects in workforce development and training. 

    In his free time, Sam enjoys unplanned trips on his motorcycle looking for the best meat pie in Brisbane.

  • Sandy Smith

    Sandy Smith

    Business Coordinator
    P: 07 3105 8306
    E:  Contact Us

    Sandy is a communication and engagement specialist with over 10 years’ experience in the public health sector. She is a member of our Engagement team and supports a range of projects including the coordination of Queensland Mental Health Week.

    Sandy is a keen traveller and has visited countries in all seven continents.

  • Satia Sae-Shing

    Satia Sae-Shing

    Business Coordinator - Finance
    P: 07 3105 8300
    E: Contact Us

    Satia is part of CheckUP’s Finance team.  She provides back up for other members of the Finance team as required and her role includes processing vendor invoices and payments, including the invoices for health providers delivering outreach services on behalf of CheckUP, as well as reconciling and processing credit card statements.

    In her spare time Satia loves to travel with her family and friends and enjoys trying new foods.  She loves music and enjoys singing and dancing with her daughter.

  • Sulu Malau

    Sulu Malau

    Business Coordinator
    P: 07 3105 8316
    E:  Contact Us

    Sulu is the Business Coordinator for CheckUP's data collection and analysis software - the Outreach Management System. Sulu has offered technical solutions to CheckUP's service providers for over five years.

    When she's not working with big data, Sulu enjoys playing bingo, hanging out with family and friends and having family feasts.

  • Susan Dixon-Grover

    Susan Dixon-Grover

    Outreach Team Leader
    P: 0437 490 311
    E: Contact Us

    Susan oversees CheckUP’s team of Regional Coordinators including the planning, monitoring and implementing of statewide outreach services. Susan has a diverse work history working in both primary and tertiary care in rural and remote Queensland, ACT and West Australia. She has worked clinically as a medical scientist, researcher, and health project manager; and has experience in service mapping and quality assurance.

    Susan spends her weekends being a soccer mum and supporting her cycling mad husband. When she has any spare time, Susan can be found fishing, spearfishing, and reading.

  • Susan Greenbank

    Susan Greenbank

    Business Coordinator
    P: 07 3105 8353
    E:  Contact Us

    Susan is responsible for planning, implementing, coordinating and evaluating CheckUP’s business development activities. She has many years of experience in health promotion and health service management, primarily in the not-for-profit health sector.
    Susan is passionate about health and wellbeing and enjoys Crossfit, trying out new recipes, and playing board games with her family.

  • Tanya Morris

    Tanya Morris

    Outreach Regional Coordinator - North/North West
    P: 0428 252 941
    E:  Contact Us

    Tanya is our regional coordinator for the North and North West Region. Tanya brings 30 years of public health, primary health and health promotion expertise to her role. She is passionate about reducing the inequalities within the health, disability and legal sectors, particularly those that exist for Indigenous people.

    In her spare time, Tanya loves getting outdoors to explore new creeks and waterholes. She is also a sports junkie and loves supporting her favourite sporting teams - the Cowboys, Townsville Fire, and the Wallabies.

  • Tennille Hutchinson

    Tennille Hutchinson

    Business Coordinator
    P: 07 3105 8300
    E: Contact Us

    As a Senior Business Coordinator, Tennille works in clinical governance to support CheckUP’s outreach programs and providers to deliver safe and quality health services.
    Tennille has worked in CheckUP’s Outreach team since 2014 and has a background in exercise physiology, program management and health promotion.

    In her spare time Tennille likes to travel as well as spend time with family and friends. 

  • Tony Coburn

    Tony Coburn

    Indigenous Eye Health Coordinator
    P: 07 3105 8326
    E:  Contact Us

    Tony is our Indigenous Eye Health Coordinator in the Outreach Team and works across Queensland on improving access to quality eye health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Tony has been involved in many facets of the health landscape. He is passionate about Closing the Gap and addressing inequities in the health system, and he forms an integral part of the Outreach Team as he is a great source of knowledge to others providing advice and mentoring.

    In his spare time Tony enjoys travelling.

  • Vicky Meyer

    Vicky Meyer

    Senior Business Coordinator 
    P: 07 3105 8300
    E: Contact Us

    Vicky is responsible for coordinating the Health Industry Skill Advisor role, and will be engaging and collaborating with industry stakeholders to provide high-quality, evidence-based industry advice and intelligence about current and emerging industry directions, regional skills needs, training solutions and employment opportunities to the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training.   

    In her spare time, Vicky enjoys reading and spending time with family and friends.