Mr Chris McCarthy

Experience: Chris is the CEO of Hear and Say having been with the organisation since 2007. Hear and Say has matured significantly over this time with a growing staff providing support to children who are deaf, and their families across Queensland from centres in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Townsville. The Hear and Say eHealth program also delivers services and support to rural or remote families and to other families, through geographic or demographic isolation are, unable to visit one of the five Hear and Say offices.

Building on the longstanding expertise in paediatric hearing loss, Hear and Say has expanded their services to include school and community hearing screening, limited adult programs and other training, research and innovative clinical programs in order to support a broader cross section of the Australian population.

Chris is currently the Chair and a Member of First Voice, a national alliance of member organisations shaping public policy, clinical practice, research and funding related to community hearing health especially relating to children with sensorineural hearing loss.