'activate: mind & body' Support Worker Training

activate: mind & body is a collaborative initiative between Queensland Health and CheckUP and aims to improve the physical and oral health of people with severe mental illness (SMI).

International and national literature have long highlighted that the poor physical and oral health outcomes of people with a severe mental illness, are far worse than that of the general population. Similarly, the high rates of morbidity and mortality of people with severe mental illness are often driven by factors such as poor lifestyle choices, medications and limited access to health advice and care.


What is this training about?

This training is designed to equip support workers in the non-government organisation (NGO) sector with the necessary knowledge and skills to:

  • empower their clients to identify their health needs
  • act proactively to support clients to get the treatment they need
  • support clients to adopt healthy lifestyle choices.

The training focusses on the six key healthy messages of activate: mind & body, and enables support workers to use established networks and services to motivate their clients to take small steps towards a healthier life. On completion of this training, participants will be able to:

  • Have an enhanced understanding of brief interventions and the application of commonly used models and frameworks (stages of change and 5As framework) for a brief intervention.
  • Be able to support clients to develop a plan to improve their physical and oral health based on their priorities through a demonstrated understanding of the SMART goal setting principles and how it relates to the six key healthy messages.
  • Be able to identify and promote local services and activities to support clients to make changes.
  • Be able to demonstrate confidence in communicating with clients regarding lifestyle changes and applying a variety of communication techniques to overcome barriers.


Who should do this training?

This workshop specifically  targets workers who support people with severe mental illness

How is it delivered?

This ¾ day workshop is provided as an on demand training opportunity. This flexible approach to scheduling is based on a wait list of enquiries from individuals or organisations specific to this course. Once a minimum number of 12 participants (maximum 24) is met, the delivery date of the workshop is confirmed.


Course Dates, Forms and Information

Our new activate: mind & body Support Worker Training program is available now.   Please contact Sabrina Kerr on 07 3105 8300 to express your interest in receiving further information.